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Who we are

We are a new type of research agency. Built by an SME for SME’s, to make research more affordable and focused than any other. Our global network is built of locally based, market specialist analysts, managed by our small central team based in Europe.

What we do

We make research easy. You know your businesses better than anyone, we simply provide you with a network of market specialists who can answer your needs. Think of us as your personal analyst but without the overhead.

Traditional research

Long, drawn out and expensive. Traditional research processes have been developed by researchers for large, corporate clients with large corporate budgets. No wonder small and medium sized businesses don’t have the time or resource to ‘do research’.

Analysta research

We’ve designed our process from the ground up, with SME’s in mind. We’ve cut out all the unnecessary and time-consuming components. There’s no iterative loops, expansive brief challenges or hundred page reports. In short, we’re making research an everyday business tool not a luxury.


All projects are priced and fixed for 1 month. You can expect a proposal within 3 days of submitting an enquiry.


of our projects are delivered for less than



of our projects are delivered for less than


What do you need to know?

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Our network is rapidly expanding. We are actively looking for researchers and field analysts.

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